There are many cats all over the world. Lykoi is one of them. It is called a werewolf cat. It is a mutation from the domestic short-haired cats. That is why it is called a werewolf cat new breed. Its activity and appearance, just like Hollywood’s werewolf. This is a new breed that has been taken from the internet. This is a peculiar type cat who can make worried even other people. In every aspect, it is called a unique cat and the luck of hair they made themselves like a werewolf. Generallylykoi is a hairless cat with a roan patterned coat and a very rare breed which is called werewolf cat new breed. Now it is appropriate here because, with the mutation of a short-haired cat, this breed was born. This cat is a very fun-loving affectionate and intelligent cat; they can make the perfect companion for a single person but also consider it as a family cat. You can expect to pay $ 2500+ for a quality kitten.


Lykot cat which weight range 6-10 lbs, males are bigger than female.

Eye color- Golden

This is considered medium size with a slender, muscular body and always alert by nature. Its price says about $2000-$2500 according to the quality. Their lifespan 15+ years.


The origin and history of the lykoi breed

This is for your general information that lykoi breed is a newborn breed which is created by a cat name Eva-Hava. She gives birth two beautiful hairless kittens that look like a werewolf in the USA. The name of two kittens was one silver lining which was male and another ray of a home that was female. The two were given to breeder Patti Tomas for the created new breed on September 4, 2010. Patti Tomas was a success and came to the world a new breed which given the name lykoi and which was translates to werewolf in Greek. The first lykoi cat was registered by the international cat association in 2011. Was known as Gobsgobblins Daciana dream. Health and genetic mutation tests were carried out and proved that the coats of these kittens are natural then they decided to outcross with the lykoi cat, and short black hair was successful. In the year 2016, they were awarded the championship by the TCLA. In this way, lykoi come in this world as a new breed which is rare in all over the world. If you want lykoicat you have to prepare for that because its price is too high, say about $2000 to $2500. Keep in your mind then and there you cannot get the cat. You will give the order and then you have to wait until they are at least 12 weeks old. 

Unique and peculiar coat, colors + appearance

Lykoi has a peculiar coat and unique to look at. There is no doubt that this is the first thing that you will never forget werewolf cat breed at the first meet. It is a medium-sized cat that has a slender, muscular body. Lykoi is an excellent type of cat which is an eye-catcher in many ways than one. The roan coat makes them unique and stands out visually, and the intense golden eyes alert ears contribute to its energetic and beautiful appearance. Some people don’t know a roan coat is the best coat which looks very nice because the coat is a mixture of different colors of hair. The ratio of this mixture can vary with 30% to 70%. According to the CFA breed standards. These colors are also found in other animals too, but lykoi is the only cat that has such a coat. 


werewolf cat breed

Keep in mind if a lykoi has black color hair due to pigmented hair, it will result in a silver look because of a mix of white and black guard hairs. But remember hairlessness can vary from cat to cat because undercoat is all the time licking the density of the guard hairs; as a result, some are completely hairless. At least once it molts most of their hairs, it will grow black again. Earlier in this year 2019, Patti Tomas has been announcing on the facebook page that the first long hair lykoi has born. The cat’s color is white. However, this is the fact that lykois are never related at all.


You know the name of lykoi who is very active and affectionate by nature. But you should be careful because they feel warry if you take a stranger with you when he/she meet at first. But after a short time, they will make friends. That is why some people compare lykoi cat with the dog who has loyalty. These types of cats have a strong sense of smell by which they find out their prey and drive to catch them. These cats are such types of cats that can show affection once in a while; you cannot forget it for the rest of your life. That is why it is called a real cat. The cat lykoi is a very intelligent one, and they can able to overcome different challenges which have to face them at any time. Lykoi loves to stay with the people, but they never feel along because when everyone left him/her, he/she start to play with toys and other objects that are in the room. Like many other animals, the cat is procreative. It can face to protect himself; this is the cat who can mingle with them when it realizes that the people whose activity and behaviors are not good. They do not like to become a lap cat all the time. They will sit beside you a few times, but then they will stand and start to play with other things and get up to play with the toy. In this way, they keep themselves always busy. That is why it is called an active cat. Why we like lykoi, werewolf cat new breed because the cat helps the owner in many ways. Lukoi has guarding behavior over children and other cats which we have seen. It is the fact that sometimes it seems that the lykoi is the king of the home, and they must watch over and maintenance everything. Lykoi which consider one of the best pet cats among the cat kingdom. Like the human, they can work in many ways to help people. They can play fetch, know how to use the toilet, clean herself, guard the children, and many other activities are done by them.

Caring for this felines

There is a cat who can clean themselves by licking their coats necessary when they reached the molting time. But that is not enough for the cat cleanness. The cat always has accumulation excess oils which patched by his skin; that is why you must breathe the cat regularly at least once a week. Keep in mind that while taking birth, you will wipe out all the dirt from their ears. Keep nail and teeth clean by nail clipping and dental service every week.


Exercise is a vital point to the human and as well as your pet too. So ensure that you have done enough exercise for your cat. For exercise, the cat will be fit physically and mentally. Always keep them busy with and other games for physical fitness. Build up a cat tree for them to climb. You should know that lykoi cat loves more high spots than dwelling spots.

werewolf cat breed

Proper feeding

Proper feeding means you will give them a balanced diet, which is always will remain nutritious. You have to give them the proper balance of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, and minerals. Also, you have to supply pure drinking water due to carnivorous animals give them raw meat and try to satisfy them with your deal. Remember they may be attacked various diseases just like skin diseases and sunburns. Keep in mind that it is difficult for cat owners to keep them warm when they are shading the coat. It is better to consult the vet and take proper treatment.



You know about likoi he is very affectionate and intelligent, and he will do with children as well as other cats which make it a great friendship. It has the ability to learn games like fetch, toy play, and others. First, meet the cat may be a bit shy, but after a few times, he can worm up to the newcomer.



Lykoi is a very nice cat which can work in many ways to help human. Not only that it is a very useful cat, but even the cat also takes care of children of the owner. As a breeder, Patti Thomas in the year September 4, 2014, was a success in creating a new breed whose name is lykoi. In this way, lykoi come to the world as a new breed. However, keep in mind that lykoi is a very useful pet. So we should take care of consult with the vet or expert if they attacked diseases.