how to make water bottle stand for dogs

Man cannot live without water as well as any animal in the world cannot live without water. For our general knowledge, I would like to describe why we should add water to our pet’s died. Remember we should use pure water to our pet diet. There are many reasons why we use water to the pet diet because it will help the pet to improve digestion system preventing health problems and stimulating the appetite. Now I would like to help you to make a water bottle stand for dogs because the dog can drink water whenever she/he likes all the time. But you have to learn how to make it. If you follow me, it will be very easy to make by you. There are many methods I would like to describe a few for you. I am describing here which is very essential materials to make water bottle stand for dogs are given bellow.


  1. screws four pieces

2.2 litter pop bottle with an hourglass shape-1 piece

3.a piece of plywood for the base of the stand which should be big enough

4.4″ dia PVC coupler

5.bowl-1 piece

  1. wood sandpaper
  2. 2″ height 4″ wide wood stand whose length is 3 feet
  3. drill machine
  4. marker pen




how to make a dog water bottle stand

  1. First, you take the plywood, which will be the base of the water bottle stand. Now you have to make round front two corners of the plywood with the help of 4′ PVC. Now marks with the 4″ PVC to the plywood’s canners and cut it with a jigsaw. Finally, you have to smooth it by using sandpaper and make it sure that it has no harmful side.
  2. Now take 2*4 and 3 feet length wood which will consider as a stand and make it smooth by sandpaper so that it safe enough for your pet. a drill machine you drill two holes at the centre of the plywood which is considered as a base, but these two holes will stay 1″ apart. Now with the help of screws, you attach the two pieces of wood.

  1. By a marker, you mark the point where you expect to join the coupler and wood stand. So that at any time when you need you can fix the coupler with the stand.
  2. Now your expectation where you will attach a coupler and the play wood stand, mark there by a marker to the coupler. According to the marks drill the coupler so that you can be fixed the coupler and wood stand at any time and easy way.
  3. Now it is ready in all respect. Fix the coupler and wood stand by using screws. At last, take your water bottle and fill it with water. Now put it on the coupler such a way that its upside down and hourglass part laying in the middle of the coupler. if you want to know how to make a raincoat than you can check this content 


Dogs are called the most faithful among all animal of the world. Even they can give their life for his/her master. But sometimes we have forgotten about the thrust of dogs. Remembers water is an essential part of the food for all animal, even man and woman. Many diseases will be attacked for want of water. So follow me and make yourself a water bottle stand for your lovely dogs.