Before putting new fish in a tank, you have to think about a tank. You know this is the most important step which is missing out most of the people. If you want to success, thriving tank is very necessary. Not only that you have to consider the species you would like to keep in your tank and space where the tank set up. You have to think about the size of the tank large, medium or small which one you like best according to your space. Before putting new fish in a tank, you have to think about decorations such as gravel, plants, rock, water cycling system and so on. After finishing everything, you have to see that there is enough space for the fish to swim.

Preparing the new tank

Before putting new fish in a tank, preparation is very necessary which safe your fresh fish when fish will live fish transport tank. At first, you have made the environment where the fish will have without any harm. In this regards, you have to wash the tank, gravel rocks and all of the ornaments. Keep in your mind; you must avoid shop or detergents in the process of washing. You must wash it by warm water, and you will ensure all of the things come to clean and free from harmful elements, Remember gravel is washed by the help of a sucker. Put the sucker with gravel over a dish and pure warm water into the gravel. Now stir again and again round the gravel and drain it. This process will be done again and again up to clean the gravel in this way. When you ensure that you can put it on the bottom to the tank. Keep in your mind that you have cleaned the tank before the gravel wash by warm water. You will put the gravel into the tank in the equal surface. Now all the decoration put in a suitable place in the tank. Which was already washed by warm water and make sure that the tank is fit for your fish you will consider enough hiding place in the rocks and plants. Now you have to fill one-third of the tank with the pure room. You can pore the thank by a jug and fill up the thank with water. After filling one-third of the tank, you must add purify medicine to the tank water because keeping in your mind that medicine means chlorine is the harmful element which can ensure the death of your loving fish. You will see that the watercolour changes and look it cloudy for the first time for two or three days. This is the main cause of bacteria which is growing in the water of the tank due to applying dechlorinator all has been finished, and that is why the colour of water has been changed.

Connect the air pump

You know that no creature can like without oxygen, even your fish too. So for enough oxygen, you should have an air pump to ensure that a lot of oxygen with the water of the tank. To do the process, you require to join a tube from so that air can pass from the tank. Just like an air stone. Aquarium cheek bulb is very necessary for stopping the air when need. The value is very important because it will act as a stopper which will prevent water backing up from your tank if sometimes current is off.

Add live or plastic plant

Putting now fish in a tank and adding water to the fish tank, you should know that before to do that you have to finish all the decoration of the tank. So in this regard, you have to set up plants to the tank. You know live plants is very good because. it give oxygen which is very useful for your fishes.other plants whose are not alive not able to give oxygen but they look very beautiful and have enough hiding places. The live plant makes dirt, by his leaves, roots and by others, though the circulate oxygen to the tank. In two way two plants are better; in this case, you will consider which one you will set up in your water tank. If you like to put live plants, you should use aquatic plant fertilizer because your live plants will grow well. Anacharis, java fermis the best plants, you can put in your tank, which will grow straightly.

Cycle the water in the tank with a cycling kit

Wast product which is produced by your fish and from the wast product bacteria introduce that will eat all kind. Cycling the water is essential for a long time, and at this, the tank will get the power to .maintain a healthy biological balance. Keep in your mind that the world you should have to do before putting new fish. If you do this, there is no doubt that your fish will stay in the water tank in happy and healthy. Do not think to buy; it cycling kit at any pet store. When you start cycling, you will observe that within two or three weeks, the water of the tank build up ammonia. Ammonia slowly converts to nitrites when ammonia level comes down to zero. After six weeks of cycling all harmful elements convert to nitrites which is not too much harm to your fish. Here you can also control nitrate by more cycling till nitrate show negative. Keep in your mind when the water of the tank shows a negative sign it is called a healthy tank. If you find positive reading, then you can put your fish to the tank.

Test the water quality.

The Water test is the most important for you do it buy a testing kit which is available any pet shop. When you find chlorine have zero and ph will stay much. Zero reading then you will understand that your tank is fit for the newcomer.


Adding fish to a new tank

Before putting it into the tank, you should bring the fish in a plastic bag from the pet store which was filled with clean water. As you bring the fish from the store to your home, it is better to keep in the dark place. Remember as soon as possible you will put them in the tank because there is not enough room to swim in the poly bag and to reduce stress. In this process, the fish colour will change the slide of colouring, but do not worry within a short time they will recover their colouring.

Turn off the lights in the tank

Keep in your mind; no need for any light in the tank. A light look beautiful, but it is the cause of stress of your fish. Better you should arrange plenty of plants, rocks and make a hiding place for your fish. Remember, that always choose healthy fish who are disease-free. If you want to put new fish to your tank with the old, you will take care of your new arrival for a few days. You will be clear that there is no sign of sick or stress. If you find sick fish, you should treat him very quick. Otherwise, your other fish will be affected. Keep in your mind which is the essential steps to acclimatize your fish to the tank steps are as follow

1). Turn off the tank light and dim the lights in the room.

2). Float the beg for 15 minutes which one you buy from a fish store with your fish because to allow it to adjust the temperature.

3). Now cut the bag at the top and roll the bag down at this air pocket will create, and that is why the bag will float.

4). Now add ½ cup water from your tank to the wallet and repeat after (4-5) minutes until the container is full.

5). By using a net pick up the fish very slowly and put them in your tank.

6). Observes next 24 hours to ensure they are selling in well, swimming and eating correctly.


So long I have described pulling new fish in a tank you can understand. I am very hopeful that you have gotten confident enough to set up your fish tank, which is your hobby. If you take only five tips which were described above, there is no doubt that you will get succeed.

Tips are as follows.

1). The plan is the most important, so first, you plan out just what you want from your fish tank before to buy anything.

2). Keep in your mind that you will put your fish tank in a permanent place before filling it.

3). Make sure that your tank is all ok before switching anything on.

4). You must ensure that your tank is fully cycled before adding fish.

5). Acclimatize your fish very slowly because they become stressed if you do quick. At the last step, I request you all to follow my article and set up a fish tank. It will help you if you help them.