Mario fish tank decorations

The base plays a vital role in beauty if you can set up properly. So I request you try to set up colorful sand for a beautiful base of your tank. Now question rise how you can set up Mario fish tank decorations and when it will be super Mario fish tank. You know that 30% of beauty depends upon the beauty of the base if you can able to do it. I suggest you follow me; then there is no doubt about success. Dear viewers, now I am going to my principal topic about Mario fish tank decorations. You know that aquarium sand can be found different color in the aquarium store you can put your favorite colors whose are you choose for your tank. Remember you should choose light colors because they become glister which looks beautiful. if you look put different colors, but the question arises they can be mixed and odd-looking you have another beautiful option for you, pattern sand which makes you tank so beauty that you can not imagine. This sand bottom is very suitable for eels, knife fish and rays fish sand is a very good field because bottom is the best place for them. Keep in your mind that the gravel can cut the ells because sometimes it is sharp. Rays also love sand as to why run to the  sand. for ray, ells and knife fish, you should make the bottom by the sand for the betterment of your fish. On the other hand, sand makes some problems. rock and gravel easy to clean than sand. Gravel and rocks are very nice to look at. Moreover, it is a very easy process to clean. Such it takes up and clean and replace that’s enough.

Try colorful gravel look the best

You can choose colorful gravel as a base in which you can get a fish store. You will find it at the pet stores. You can choose whatever you like. But remember I suggest you can put it on the tank bottom which one will create ocean like effect or go to the other eye-catch color such as light pink, deep yellow or natural green. You should punch gravel which already mixes colors. You know gravel which is a very good option, all kinds of fish, also all kinds of tanks. You should follow the following trips.

1). Try your level best to make beautiful layering colors of your tank which is a very important subject of human interest.

2). Another option to make the bottom of the tank by round gravel natural colors which are very beautiful to look just.

3). You should choose medium size gravel small too can.

4). Keep in your mind do, not choose large gravel because it is the trap to break many things seven your tank and trap fish under it.

Skip it all together

No need any substrate most of the fish so you don’t put any substrate in your tank. Everyone likes it but if you like the simplicity you should leave it. All depend upon you which you decide to take.


Though if you set up glass pebbles, it looks very beautiful just like Mario fish tank decoration. But here rise some problems such as sharp edges can cut you fish .which do the fish harm. Without it, glass pebble is not enough large that is why good bacteria cannot grow which is very useful for your fish.

Adding Natural Touches

To look more beautiful, you will set up natural things to your tank which will look very beautiful. In this regard, you may consider rocks which you can set up as a top beauty of your tank. You should choose different kind of nature trees or plastic trees to put in the task. Not only that you can take a red desert rock, honey Onex, zebra, ice and rainbow rocks. Keep in your mind these type of rocks have a very nice tone which will make the lank the best one to look beautiful. However, you will pick such type of rock that has a natural tune and make the scope so that your fishes can swim. Some trips are given below which you should follow.


  mario fish tank decorations

1). Do not about aquarium rocks whose you can purchase it from the pet store.

2). remember checking is very necessary when you will purches the things which you will put in the tank because if there are any shape edges because it is very harmful to cat your fish.

3). It is very important to lest your rock before to set up whether it is acidic or not. Two way you can a little bit vinegar to the rock it change to foams or sock the rock socked by water and test the water if you see the water is ok then your rock is right for putting the tank.

4). You also clean the rock with boil water so that if there are bacteria, they will die

Use driftwood for a more natural touch

If you put driftwood in your aquarium, more natural touch will show. Particularly you will feel pleasure and just like a natural feeling. You can get it alone reveres and also in branches you can catch it which you are fishing or purchase from anywhere where it is available. Some trips are given below.

1). You make sure when you pick up the driftwood from any place that there is nothing living with driftwood.

2). Wash it with boil water before putting the driftwood to your tank.

Use shells to create a miniature ocean

The shell can make your tank more beautiful. Shells can add the pleasure of your mind and natural beach-like feeling. Otherwise, shells seem to bigger than origin. If you set up large shells, then it will so nice just like mermaid kingdom. Suppose if you use a then it will create a mermaid kingdom. Shells are found different color such as whites, reds, pinks, browns, yellows and orange color remember when you build your color scheme your muse use beautiful color. Shells which make your aquarium very beautiful to look at.

mario fish tank decorations

Some trips are as follow

1). You can find it any aquarium store or along rivers, lakes etc. keep in your mind if you want to collect animal shells you will find it where they are life.

2). You should check animal shells before you take it home.

3). Wash it very well in boil water no need to use freshwater. normal water will add calcium which can alternate ph.

Use live plants to add a spark of green

Without plants, you cannot make a Mario fish decoration. So you have to set up plants for the nice look of your aquarium. Your fish also can hide when they get stress. If you use verity color of plants as different leaf shapes and plant size that will make Mario fish tank decorations which will look very beautiful. You place the plant which you like but be-careful that your plant do not block the background of your tank. Here some tips you should follow.

1). original plant you can use all types of the tank though it makes more dirt. Live plants always can survive freshwater not set up in saltwater. but some plant can live in saltwater.

2). On the case of live plants, problems arise because they make dirt and due to die is the to make the water dirty

3). One very big benefit we get from live plants such as they consume nitrogen which is very harmful to fish and give oxygen which helps to take a breath. 

4). You can buy living and plastic plant from pet stores.

Using manufactured additions

You should add a plastic plant which now a day just like a living plant. At this, your aquarium will not make more dirt like living plants. You can use mid-height plastic plants which will come to the centre of the tank shorter on go down the rocks, and that is not good. Keep in your mind you make sure that thank is fitted for your plant for your tank is approved. You do not move in your tank who are not approves in the tanks because that could cause your fish death.

mario fish tank decorations
Use novelty items to create a theme

Without novelty items, Mario fish tank decorations cannot end. Most of the pet store sells novelty items from there you can purchase it. everything can you buy from pet store. These items increase the feeling of pleasure in the human mind. No problem if you make the bottom of your tank just like see and also a beautiful plant and other little animals which shows the wonderful world you can make a fantastical world to set up that kind of novelty items.

Use ceramic pieces to add art

Do you know that ceramic is a very important subject to make art to your aquarium? Ceramic pieces are the different color theme you can use colour ceramic to make art at the bottom of your tank, which will look very beautiful and exceptional.

Decorating around the fish tank
Use a background to tie it together

You know that the background is made of plastic different color and art, if you want to make it you have to purches a canvas pint different beautiful natural picture on it then join it to the backside of your aquarium. in this way you can make it yourself.

Tie into the color scheme

Keep in your mind the color whose set up in your tank, keep continue it outer surface. For example, if you set up a pink and red color inside pick those color outside the tank.


So long I have described, Mario fish tank decoration by many articles for you. Read those articles heartily then you can understand everything how to make super Mario fish tank. All the decorations things you can buy from the pet store. So try your level best come to know how to make Mario fish tank decorations which I have described above the articles.