how to keep outside dog warm

We are human beings who love our dogs very much. Sometimes we have forgotten to take care of our dogs. Even we neglect it to take care of the cold weather. Suppose you have gone out for morning walk say about 2 k. Miter distance form your home. Suddenly start rain and snow in the winter. You have not to take a worn cloth with you. This unpleasant feeling you cannot forget ever. This is the same case with your outside dog. Some dog owners have a misconception that the dog has a furry coat on and that is why they should be okay whatever the weather. Now you should know that different kinds of dog have the power to bear cold differently. Short furred dogs cannot bear less cold like Chihuahuas, as a little bit cold they are seeking heat and always looking hither and thither to get a warm blanket. But thick furred ones like German shepherds never mind the rain and snow in the winter. Keep in your mind you don’t go trimming, shaving or cutting your dog’s fur because dogs fur protects the dog just like a coat during winter. You can brush it thoroughly and as a result, the dog’s fur will able to keep out the snow and cold rain. You know the dog is a very intelligent pet animal which is very faithful and obedient too. He/she want to get love and affection on behalf of his owner. If you neglected your dog, he/she will understand by his sense, but it is not good for your friendship with him. Now I would like to describe some of the most important ways so that you can keep your dog warm in the winter.


You canine friend who wears a natural coat which is a gift by god. But the extra one is not difficult to buy for him/her on behalf of you. For looking beautiful, you should buy a good looking jacket for a coat. To keep outside dog warm, there is no way except coat for jacket. You should think that the dogs which are not base of think fur they will suffer more if you do not manage a coat or jacket for him/her in the winter. There is no doubt that coat or jacket should fit perfectly from the neck to the tail, and your dog feels comfortable to wear it. Now I would like to suggest you don’t walk your dog more distance during warmer weather. A shorter walk is enough exercise for your dog and relief him/her before to become too cold.


keep outside dog warm

You can take indoor exercise with the dog, suppose play indoor games, tug- of- war, hiding toys and led him to run around inside and so on. Run him up and down the stairs for quick practice. Remember if your dog has attack join pain and hip pain, they may not to run. Don’t create any force. If so let him walk up and down the stairs.


Any dog that his habit want to stay outside, so you should give him a choice to use a kennel so that he/she can be safe from rain and cold wind. When the chill wind blows the dogs feel colder and even they wet, the air temperature comes down. In this moment dog’s body temperature also come down and his inter organs shut down, in this way putting him at risk of losing his/her life. That is why a weather-tight kennel is very necessary for your faithful dog. Make sure that the kennel is secured by your dog so that he can use it when you are not nearby. Make sure that the kennel is large enough so that your dog can move inside. A large kennel is very fine to look at, but it will require more energy to create the dog kennel worm. So perfect kennel is that was to have space so that the dog can more around.


Straw is a good insulator where your dog can sleep. The main thing about using hay is not expansive, and your dog will take it for his bad as because it will not become wait or frozen. During to buy hay you must take care whether it has not seeds or any other hard things which can stuck your dogs far. Which may cause discomfort. However, you make a pallet beneath for your dog so that he/she can sleep comfortably and he/she can be safe from cold and bare ground.


Use heated pads is a very important one, but it is an expensive process, to give your dog warm to lie on. You can buy it by $ 50, quality heated pads. You will get around 102 degrees Fahrenheit without using a lot of energy. Without it, if you like, you can use beautiful designed energy-efficient heating machine air conditioning units for dogs at a price $600 if you love your dog very much.


To carpet, the kennel is another process to keep an outside dog warm. But many dog owners cannot know how to keep an outside dog warm. Installing a carpet to the kennel is one of the best ways to keep the dog house warm. At this, the floor of kennel would not draggle and wet. After installing the carpet it is better to wear a jacket to your dog so that he/she feels warm and comfort during the cold season.

keep outside dog warm

Feed your dog appropriately

The feed is very essential for your dog. For feeding the food, you should consult with the vet how much and what number of time you will feed your dog? You should take more attention to the dogs who are puppies, frail, and senior. It is recommended that you have to feed them many times per day to get the energy to survive cold weather. Always remember you will never feed them large quantity. You will give them small but frequently meal so that they can digest it easily and quickly get energy which is needed for them. Give some pure normal water every day, and food must be palatable. Don’t give them freezing water because they will avoid it. As a cause, they will be dehydrated. Keep in your mind that overfeeding is a very risk for your dog, creating an overweight. Heart pressure, Diabetic, block, and another chronic disease will attack to your dog if you make him/her overweight.


Grooming the dog is a bounded duty of the dog owner. There are different kinds and size of dogs in nature, so duties are different. Short hair dogs need a coat or jacket in the winter, but long hair not need. In the case of long hair dogs, you have to give chance hair to grow long enough to prevent cold in the winter. It is enough for that kind of dogs. If the hair is long and thick, this is sufficient for the dog to protest from cold and ice in snow.

keep outside dog warm


When you see, the cold wind is blowing. The temperature comes down some above the frizzing point; Then you should open the door and take your dog inside your room. Take care with a coat or jacket, wear it to his body. check out how to get a dog to stop licking wound


I suggest you all to take care of your dogs. You will never find ever such type of faithful and obedient canine friend all over the world. They can even give their life to safe their owner. So it is very valuable in your life. In danger, you must help him/her in all possible way don’t left him. Consult to the vet if he attacks the chronic disease and tries your level best for proper treatment. There are many stories about a dog who gives & his/her life to safe his/her master. So, it is my request to you don’t neglect them, cares feeding, shelter, bathing, disease, and exercise, as an owner, it is your duty to look at. At last, would like to say, what I have explained so, long you have understood how to keep an outside dog warm in winter.