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How to Make a Dog Raincoat | Homemade Dog Raincoat (

How to Make a Dog Raincoat | Homemade Dog Raincoat (

how to make a dog raincoat

The dog is a very faithful animal. He can give his life for the safety of his master. The dog always does the best watch his master’s house, day and night. Now come to the solution if you go outside with your dog, but suddenly it is raining, what can you do then and there though you cannot want him wet. What is the best solution to avoid this situation? I suggest you make a raincoat and solve the problem. When you have a raincoat for your dog, you do not leave your dog in the house. You can take the dog with you when you go out for a walk. If then rain started, the raincoat would help you to prevent your dog from rainwater. Now the question arises from where you will get it for your dog. There is two way, collect it by making yourself at home or to buy from the market. I suggest to make it at home because you will make it according to your choice. How can you make it at home here i am describing some methods which can help you to make a dog raincoat at home.

homemade dog raincoat ideas

1 using fabric material

  1. using a plastic bag

what you will need

  1. Waterproof cloth
  2. Flannel material for the lining
  3. Sewing machine and thread.
  4. Hook and loop
  5. scissors and pins.
  6. dog coat pattern
  7. Measurement tope and working paper
  8. Felt pen
  9. Rough workbook and pen

Now steps to follow

part-A- Measurement

Measurement is a very important part of making raincoat. so at the first step, you take the length and width of your dog and write it to your workbook. For length measurement, you measure from head to tail by a tape. Then come to the width measurement in this case, you take 3 measure, of your dogs. first, you take measure roundly behind the front legs. Secondly the middle point of the front and back legs. Lastly 2″ front from the back legs. average the three measurements you will get original width measurement. have to take many other measurement such as

  1. measure above the elbow point roundly.
  2. measure roundly the tail where the tail set
  3. measure the length of the left and right upper arms
  4. now take measurements round the neck, which will help you making the collar.
  5. measure the distance from forehead to the neck.
Make a sketch on the working paper

 According to the measurement, you sketch a drawing on the working paper by a pencil. This is the process which will help you when you cut the original raincoat. Remember when you sketch on the paper, extra inches shall have to add so that the dog can wear it. Now take a scissors and cut it according to your sketch drawing now the working paper will make look like a raincoat.

Now cut the fabric and lining with the help of working paper. Put the drawing paper over the fabric and lining such a way that both the three stay in the same position. Now cut it according to the drawing sketch. Take the fabric and lining for sewing purpose. Sew the three parts together. Here I would like to say that you must attach the three pieces using pins so that case to sewing. After sewing, you hem all the edges. Thus raincoat is ready for use.



how to make a dog raincoat (1)

Attach hook and loop

 Neck and stomach you set hook and loop. These will ensure you that the raincoat will remain in place, when the dog run and dance. Now come to practical, fit the raincoat to the dog and leave it to enjoy at the rain

how to make a plastic bag poncho for your dog

 You don’t want your dogs wet in the rain. Some use toweling after a walk in the rain. So I suggest making a poncho for the rainy season for your dog. It is a very easy process, and you have to spend less, moreover your dog can stay dry whatever the weather outside.


how to make a dog raincoat

What to need to make

1 plastic bag

  1. a pair of scissors
  2. a marker
  3. procedure

Plastic bag need to cover the length of your dog. it is better to choose garbage size plastic bag. Now you take a pair of scissors and a marker. Please remember the plastic will be the right size according to your dog size. if your dog is big, you will take a big one. If the dog is small, you will take a small plastic bag. Note it mind that the color must be different between the plastic bag and marker. You should thicker garbage bag for long-lasting. At first, you take the measurement of your dog and then according to your measurements you mark on the plastic bag and cut it by scissors.

Making the poncho

At first, you make a long horizontal line across the bottom of the bag. When you cut it, the bag will open alongside as to why you can drop the bag over your dog’s body. Then long strep plastic will act as a bell to keep poncho attached to the body of the dag. Now you make four holes in the bag for four legs according to measurement.

Now, at last, you put the poncho over your dog and see whether it fits your dog and covered the dog body or not. if the dog body is covered them all right. In this stage, tail, neck, and head of the dog remain outside of the poncho. Now take the long strip of plastic and tie it at least 2 points around the body of your dog securing the poncho. But before it draws a half-circle shape at the last corner of the bag which is closed part of the bag. you can check our latest content on how to keep an outside dog warm

Such a way that your dog’s neck and head can fit through the Poncho. Now draw a longer half circle on the back end of the bag so that is enough room for your dog bum and tail. if you do so your poncho is ready for use. Now wear the poncho to your dog and let him walk.

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