how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet

 Death is confirmed to every animal after birth. When a pet animal attacked by various disease and diseases are not curable. Then she/he suffer painful life even she /he cannot walk or do not take any food then euthanizing is necessary. It is a system to give the pet peaceful and painless death, which is called euthanizing. It is very painful to the owner of the pet to take a decision for euthanizing. Nobody likes to euthanize a pet cat.

 Who loves her owner very much. Though it is out of low to reduce the population of the animals yet, you have to do it. There is no alternative way except to do it. When it is the best time for euthanizing your pet cat at home, it is better to a consultation to the vet.

But the question arises how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet 


There is much reason why you want to euthanize the cat at home. Firstly the cat feet anxiety to verity to the vet who will make more stress to the cat. Secondly, the place may not be suitable for vet services. Lastly, the at-home process it needs more time; that is why the owner of the cat can stay more time with his loving cat before the cat departure. On the other hand, some difficulty will arise when you euthanize your pet cat at home. In this case, you have to take the best technique according to the suggestion of your vet. The vet must have good experience with euthanizing. Every person who is taking part in the process will be already prepared. Everyone try to his level best to keep the cat in peace when the time to execute. Now I would like to describe to you some of the technique to perform euthanize at home without a vet peacefully.


how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet

preparation for euthanizing a cat at home

 Preparation is very necessary for how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet. at first, let the pet eat to sleep by euthanizing bidding farewell have to face to the owners, and it is very difficult to bear. But remember before preparation and start the euthanize you should consult to the vet. He will advise about procedures. Pet cat owner, informed the possible way how to cat put down. The vet will help you in this regard.

Every member, even children, should have to know the news of euthanizing and try to prepare them so that they do not make emotion. Though it is an unbearable loss to bear, yet you will try to give the lesson to the children that there is no alternative way except to do it.

signs indicating it’s time to put the cat to sleep


After taking a guideline from the vet you will observe that some indicators are signing, then you will understand it is the proper time to euthanize. It is nothing but an option when the pet cat suffers very much and unable to enjoy a better life. Thus the process will help to solve the problems. Here I would like to describe some main indication on behalf of me, for the betterment of you.

  1. the cat will lose his favourite activity even he/ she do not want to get treats, taking a walk, eating food. and even he/she does not give attention to his/her owner and other favourite members of the family

2.the cat is so weak that it can no longer stand, even cannot walk. He/ she do not take food properly.

  1. the cat suffer breathing and cough 
  2. the appetite of the eat is completely lost. The cat tries to eat but fail to consume anything, even her/ his favourite foods.
  3. the pet cat often attacked diarrhoea, which is the causes of weight loss and dehydration.
  4. the pet cat is feeling controlled by any medicine prescribed by the vet.
  5. the old or sacking pet cat is having dirt over the body fur.

if you see or observe the sign of indication which I have described above, you come to know that it is a proper time to euthanize


how to put a cat to sleep

  1. when you understand that it is the proper time to put the pet cat to sleep. Take the process considering everything about cat life.
  2. bidding the pet cat good buy it needs to psychologically preparation you will spend more time accompany to your pet cat and show him/her love and affection.
  3. you have to do last plan and best way to end the life of your pet cat. I suggest doing the euthanasia at home is the best way, and it is considered better when an expert veterinarian will advise you. but it is a complicated process how to euthanize a cat at home without vet


how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet

4.make some space to your home where the euthanasia process set up

5. whe4n euthanasia place and other environment is all right then the person who is leading the process will say to the assistance to hold the pet during push of medicine into the vein by

a plain needle injection for sleep the pet cat . after some time when the cat sleep soundly then by the help of a vet push another dose which is known as a euthanizing. As soon the second injection will be pushed, the pet cat says your goodbye forever.

Euthanizing a cat with sleeping pills

Sleeping pills is one of the vital pouts to give the cat a peaceful death. This sleeping pill is considered as a high anaesthetic drug. The government approves this drug for the euthanasia process. There are two methods you can use it. You can use it oral barbiturates, or by injection, it is a more effective dose if mix sedatives in it. Both the injection and oral may be cause to pain. Sedatives will play a vital role in helping it relax. Keep in your mind that the sedative which is recommended by the government you should use that sedative. You come to know that it is a short process to euthanizing a cat by sleeping pills.

Sedatives take five to ten minutes to sleep. But the anaesthesia injection it takes to say about thirty minutes and breathing to tum out to be irregular and then stop.

After the pet dies, the pet owner will arrange to dispose of its body. Two options for the owner either he has to cremate or burial it. It is very hard work to dig a grave which will be deep enough so that not to smell come out even savage the body of the pet cat. in this case cremation is the best process here cat body is burnt into ashes bad smell will go forever.


cost of putting a cat to sleep

 The cost of putting a cat to sleep depends upon the consulting of cat owner and veterinarian. If a cat is big one then cost will be more and if it is small one cost will be small it cost approximately 45$ to 150$ for the dosage. The cost will go high gradually when you include disposing the dead body for cremation or burying 

.so long I have described you how to euthanize a cat at home without vet now I shall give to you some advice you should follow it.

Everyone has to die after birth. But death is considered two-way natural, peaceful death and painful death. Suppose your cat is suffering for a long time the disease which is not curable. You love very much to your pet cat, but when you see that your pet cat suffering more even cannot walk, she/he is moving severe pain then you should sanction euthanasia. Dear viewers, no one wants to say goodbye to his pet cat, but the sudation comes down for the betterment of your cat interests. So try your level best let the cat a peaceful death by euthanasia process.

First, you have to remember you are not killing her by euthanasia. On the other hand, you are making a favourable decision to release the cat from unnecessary pain and other chronic diseases. Remember your pet cat show you love and compassion all over the life. So you should have a bounden duty to get rid of her/his when he/she fails danger situation. As soon as possible on your part to say good buy and bring her/his life to an end. Do not forget your cat who live so long to you. At last, I would like to suggest you always take care of your pet cat. Always arrange pure water, good foods and comfortable shelter.