Cats are generally involved in different activities all day long. So they make dirty of her/his teeth, nail clipping, coat and body. So it is very necessary to bathe a cat for cleanness. But the Question arises how often you should bathe a cat. It is very interesting Question for all cat owner, so come to the solution you always see deference kinds of views on the interest, from there you should come to know how often should you bathe a cat. Top topic is when you see that your cat is not clean, you decided Yourself take his/her birth, and that is final. You will find precise answers to look at your cat clean. I would like to suggest. You should bathe. The cat not more than every six weeks that means two or three times a year. The old cat and extremely ill cat many be stressed by bathing. So you should follow your vet recommendation in this case.

Kittens say about two weeks old which is the awake time grooming themselves should not go to take a bath because if you do so a bath stimulates the skin remove excess oil and shed hair which is very harmful. So don’t take the bath of a Kittens who is two or three weeks old. So don’t hurt them doing so.

Reasons you should bath your cat

Some of the cat owners say it is not necessary to bath their cats. It is okay to do so, but you have missed getting some benefits out of bathing your cats. Some of these benefits describe bellows.

Make him cleaner

Bathing a cat makes him/her cleaner and not clean. That means that the cats do their bath themselves. Some cats owners do not find it necessary to clean their pet cat. Keep in your mind that a cat cannot manage to clean herself up to human standard cleans level without help. So if you want to your pet cat will stay accompany your family a bath is essential to ensure that your kitten is free from parasites and dirt.

how often should you bathe a cat

For a shinier and healthier coat

If you want to enhance the look of your cats and kitten, you will need to use natural shampoo and natural coat conditioner for bathing purpose. They will play a vital role to make your cat and kittens, healthier skin a shining coat. On the other hand, it will reduce dandruff reaction, which is a great benefit for your cat and kitten skin and coat.


To promote the growth of new hair, cats shed off hair naturally. As a result, healthier hairs grow up instant of dead hair. Bathing is a good process to help to fall the dead hair, and that is why you will not get treble with cat fur. If you do not bathe the cat properly, you will see the cat fur everywhere, when you sleep, eat or cook. Then you will feel anxiety, and you must take the cat for a bath.

how often should you bathe a cat


If you are living in a room with Fleas them, you will understand that what danger and irritating it is. You don’t know about Fleas. It is to claver you cannot catch them when trying to catch it they will go another spot by jumping. So it is not easy to kill. If you want to forget their bites, then you will net to bathe your cat with fleas control shampoo which you will get from a veterinary clinic. So as soon as possible to get rid of from such type of parasites to use flea control shampoo.


Most important is haring the looking of your cat. Bad and dirt you must bathe your cat. If your cat has a glimpse, which is the important factors to consider how many numbers of times you should bath the cat.

Coat length and type

There are many different types of cats. Some short hair coat and some are length coat. Cats who are based on a long coat you need to take more care. So keep in your mind for a long coat, you have to require to brush them and should have to check them frequently so that you can remove the dirt inside.


Cats are divided into two parts. Active cats and inactive cats on the based on the activity level. Here you should know, you will require to wash or clean, active cat frequently than an inactive cat. An active cat will make dirtier because they are moving hither and thither. In the other hand, inactive cat, you have to clean less, because they are always sleeping on the couch.


Bathing of a cat depends upon the environment, suppose you have a cat who spends more times outdoor than indoor. Those cats whose spend more times to the outdoor they get dirty faster and required to bathe them a number of time. Indoor cats don’t make more dirty than outdoor cats. So you will need less to clean them.

how often should you bathe a cat


We have described before that the cats do clean themselves. But keep in your mind that there is a kind of cats whose cannot clean themselves due to overweight and illness. Some are very lazy and don’t want to groom. There lazy type of cats you have to take bathe frequently.

Health issues

You should take care more to the health issuing cats than others. Related to the skin problems and other diseases you better consul to the vet and take proper treatment.

What are the problems and need to bathe your cat

The process and need to bathe your cat are given bellow. For cleaning, you only need a few supplies which are

  1. A flea control shampoo
  2. clean towel
  3. A rubber met
  4. A washcloth
  5. ping pong ball

At first brush your cat thorough by before your cat wet. Make the bath area worm and dirt free. It is better to use a waist-high sink than a bathtub. All the breaking things put out of reach and push shower. Avoid anything which cats frighten the cat. Do the both as pleasant as possible. Now assemble your shampoo to the washcloth and rub slowly from tail to heal everywhere. After then wet the cat by worm water. After finish rubbing pushes the shower by which worm water will help the run. Cat bathing water temperature must be the same as the body temperature of the cat. After finishing wash stop the shower and again rub with the dry towel. Thus you can finish bathing. Keep in your mind that you must close the door during bathing because the cat finds any scope he/she will escape.

Cat is the pet animal which is called faithful animal and obi dent too. So we should take care of our cats when they attached dangerous disease we should take care of consulting with a vet. You should not leave it when he/she fail trouble.