homemade dog toothpaste

Dog toothpaste is an essential substance clean to teeth. When you see, you will observe that dogs mouth and teeth seem to clean, but it is not true. If you have a dog, you can understand that he/she has suffered from bad breath, inflamed germs for his/her dirty teeth. So everyone should take dental care for his dog when necessary. This means that you should brush your dog’s teeth the same way as you brush yourself. Dogs cannot brush themselves to clean their teeth. So you have to do it. There are many kinds of toothpaste. Such as human toothpaste or pet toothpaste and homemade toothpaste. I would like to recommend you to use homemade dog toothpaste. There are much reasons why I support this homemade toothpaste discussed below. I am here describing some recipes by which you can make dogs toothpaste at home quickly if you follow me very carefully.

Reasons why you should use homemade dog toothpaste


We should use homemade toothpaste because it will be cheap than commercial dog toothpaste. Commercial dog toothpaste may have a chemical which will be very harmful to your dog. Otherwise homemade toothpaste you will make yourself without chemical. On the other hands, you do not spend much if you make it at home. Except it, at home, you can make the toothpaste in bulk, so that you can store it and can use it long run.


In the market you can buy commercial toothpaste but keep in your mind it may be mix with a chemical which is very harmful to your lovely dogs and cause to death. You can save your time and dollar when you make the dog toothpaste at home.


In homemade toothpaste, you have to mix coconut oil which is very teste and has the power to drive away all kinds of bacteria and plaque.


Another advantage that at home you will make a paste without sodium Laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl both are harmful to that dogs health. But in the market, toothpaste is made by these kinds of comical that is why it is responsible for foaming. For these reasons, I recommended all of my followers to use homemade toothpaste for your dog.


Now I will describe to you some very easy recipes about homemade toothpaste. You can make it by a very easy process if you follow me. If you do so, you can get save much dollar and a lot of time.


(A). Bouillon cube: It will add flavor to the toothpaste.

(B).Parsley: It will help to remove bad breath.

(C). Baking soda: I it will act to remove food particles and save your teeth from gums attack.

Procedure: –

At first, take a small bowl and put a few tablespoons of water in it. Add a bouillon cube it maybe chicken or beef bouillon. Mix the hub into the water until it dissolves. It is noted that for dissolves if the water needs more, you can pour it. Add a teaspoon of fresh parsley into the mixture. Now add a half teaspoon of salt and six tablespoons of baking soda to the mixture. After then mix the ingredients thoroughly so that the mixture come to just like paste or solution. As soon as you get the paste, you can use it as a dog paste.

homemade dog toothpaste

Necessary ingredient-

Breaking soda: – It acts to clean and whiten the teeth.

Coconut oil: –  It contains nutrients which make strong, smooth and sooth Toothpaste and remove gums from the teeth.

Peppermint: – It is very important to fresh breath.


What to do that means the process how can you make it

Take a glass container and mix some breaking soda and coconut oil in similar quantity. Keep in your mind that your mix should be based on the amount of toothpaste you need. You add a few drops of peppermint to the mixture which will eliminate the bad breath of your dog. Now you mix the mixture thoroughly until it comes to paste. You can mix more drops of peppermint for dissolve mixture the if need.


Coconut oil + Turmeric + Water + Dried kelp, by these ingredients you make a paste by the following way


Procedure: –

At first, take some coconut oil in a jar. Put the jar in hot water so that the oil melts and become soft. Keep in mind that this has to be done because the coconut will act as a base of the toothpaste. When the coconut oil is ready, then you scoop some ground dried keep using a teaspoon and pour it into the coconut oil. Next, add some dried parsley flakes into the jar and make the mixture. Now mix the ingredients thoroughly until you get a smooth paste when you need a large quantity you have to use grinder machine to make dog toothpaste in bulk. Dear viewers, it is a good recipe for dog toothpaste, and you can follow it. Remember if you make a large quantity past for future use, you must store it in a refrigerator.



Cinnamon: – It gives a fresh breath and a nice smell.

Coconut oil: – It is the base to form a smooth paste.

Baking soda: – It acts as an antibacterial to kill bacteria, gums, and plaque. Bouillon Granules. It is an aids and flavor to the paste. 

At first, dissolve bouillon granules into the water and try to mix form a uniform mixture. Now add baking soda and stir it frequently. Add cinnamon and stir again to make a soft mixture. At last, add coconut oil so that the mixture comes to the final step ready to use.

homemade dog toothpaste


The oil will make the toothpaste smooth and thick consistency. It is antibacterial, and that is why it can fight bad breath cavities. First, you will melt the coconut oil in a saucepan, heat it until it comes to melt. It will make your product more smooth. Now put one tablespoon belemnite clay into the coconut oil. It will help to remove food residue your dog’s teeth and gums. Now put some water into the saucepan according to your need and stir until it comes to malt. Then you put ¼ teaspoon pure ground sea salt in it. Which will remain your dog teeth clean? It is also preventing bad breath and drive all kinds of Bactria from your dog’s mouth. If the toothpaste made by you become too hard, put some hot water and for a few minutes and then stir thus dog toothpaste will ready to use.

Make your dog’s toothpaste using coconut oil and turmeric

At first, take one cup of coconut oil and melt the coconut oil by heating them add ½ teaspoon of turmeric in it. Turmeric is antibacterial, so it will remove bacteria. It may also help to prevent plaque. You further mix ½ teaspoon dried kelp, add 1/8 teaspoon dried parsley flake. Now stir the ingredients together until it comes to a soft dog toothpaste which is ready to use. 

Here I have described many ways to make a recipe for the dog toothpaste, which is called natural dog toothpaste recipe. If you try to follow me, you must do it. For your dog, it is essential for you. If you want to make a large quantity for future use, you have kept it in your refrigerator. At last, I fervently request you don’t forget to try; to make a recipe for dog toothpaste.