home remedies to clean dog ear

Ears are the most important parts of human bodies as well as an animal too. We can clean it our self but an animal cannot. In this case, we should help them to clean their ears. I want to describe here, about home remedies to clean dog ear. There are many kinds of homemade remedies which is available in the dog store. Here I would like to inform you the best one by which you can clean your pet dogs ears very safety. You know that dog ears are very sensitive, you will understand that if you touch the ears area. Hearing is much difference between man and dogs. Their sense of smell helps the hearing. Here dog’s ears and noise go to hearing at the same time. Ossicles or little bones in the ears send the massage by vibrating to their brain, as soon as possible brain commands the dog what to do at that moment. Their muscles are more active than human’s that means that they can hear a much higher and lower sound. For these reasons, they are called super sensitive animal of the world. But you will wound to know about the process of how to clean its ears. You have to use it gently, but firm touch and you have to finish the job quickly. After finishing the process, your dog’s ears will clean, and grow high his/her hearing and smelling activate. It is a very easy process to make, but you are thinking about how home remedies for cleaning dogs ears and what is the way to use home remedy dog ear cleaner. So I would like to solve the problem if you follow me. I am going you to tell how you make the best homemade dog ears cleaner recipes and how to use it. But remember if you see the serious infection in your dog ears, you will inform or take your dog to a veterinarian for proper treatment.

Which is the best dog ears cleaner remedies?

 Here I would like to say a true history to you about my own dog. I had a dog and once I observed that my dog watch hazel and anxious. He is moving and running hither and thither. I understand something happens into his ears. Then and there, I have used apple cider vinegar mixture. This mixture works very nice and my day comes to normal. I have a few other remedies by which I have tried but fail. At last, I used apple cider vinegar and got the best result. For a good result, I feel interested, and that is why I have listed up the ingredients and proper ratios. There are many dog owners who used one or two ingredients and think god for good work. But that is not sufficient and effective as they are not use all the ingredients. So now you are clear that all the ingredients make a mixture which is call gentle cleaning and which clean the dog ears and drive away all dirt. of and on you will use it when you bathe the dog. Keep in your mind, again I have said to you must put all the ingredients to make a mixture because is ingredients have a job of their own. So now I am giving you clear concept how you will make home remedies to clean dog’s ears you have to take to make the following items:

1. ¼ cups cider vinegar or white vinegar

2.¼cup of water

3. 1 tablespoon of witch hazel

4. 2 tablespoon of boric acid

At first mix all of these  ingredients in a container or a bowl and then shake well by a big spoon. Now I want to describe the job of the ingredients of their own. 

home remedies to clean dogs ears

Vinegar act as cleaner and it clean pet ears fabrics and many others things. Think to god that he sends vinegar for the benefit all of the animal even human. Witch hazel which is called unique ingredient and use as a master to solve the situation of dog’s ears. It acts as a soothing agent for comfortable of dog ears. It can be used for the cleaning and remove all impurities but it is considering as a gentle shooter for your dog comfort. Not only that it help vinegar strongly to clean your dog’s ears.

What is boric acid and why is it safe for dogs

The use of boric acid knows no bound. I can write a big book about the use and benefits of boric acid. I shall try to describe shortly. Now come to the point why we use it to the dog’s ears. What benefits we will get from it. Boric acid is a crystalline compound of from box that is used as an antiseptic which is used is various fields. It is use for fungicide and prevents infection. It is safe to use because it is one mildly acidic. A small amount, you can able to buy from any health food stone if need. It drives away all kinds of fangs and prevent the dogs from infection.

Going to a vet VS using home remedies

It is very expensive to call a vet and he will prescript the medicine which you have to busy from outside. outside medicine would contain less ingredients. So you have to face many terrible. In this case, you have to pay to the vet for prescription in the other hand you may not get pure medicine. but you can get it from homemade which will be pure and you have to spend less amount. Moreover from outside products may be mix chemical which is harmful for your pet dog’s ears. 

home remedies to clean dogs ears

So it is the best way to avoid all the products that you buy from outside. l suggests you not to buy products from outside which may because of different cornice disease like ammonia, chlorine, cancers, thyroid and also other cornice diseases. So, it is better for you to use home remedies to clean dogs ears. Remember that it needs to clean the dog’s ears once a week. Dog’s ears holes are straight up you will be wondered to know that naturally they always have the air to clean out their ears. You should know that if your pet dog suffers any kinds of infection in the ears then do not use home remedies. you have to use antibiotics against infections. Because infection will take the pet dog to the painful stage. So I suggest you, clean your dog’s ears at least once a week to protect your dogs from infection forever. You should know to prevent better than cure.


You have to know what is the suitable time to clean dog’s ears. When you see your dog is very tired to work more, suppose after a long walk or after running one hour, he/she will be tired and sleepy. This is the proper time to catch him/her to clean. Starting the process, you take cotton balls and gauze and wrap it around your finger. Now dip your finger into the mixture start to clean outside of the ears. Using mixture mix finger to get rid of all the dirt with very gentle wipes. Now throw out the used gauze. Always remember those ossicle muscles don’t touch them hardly do very gently. To clean the dipper parts of the ears, you have to need a hair dye bottle by which you squirt the mixture into the ears and close the ears and rub very gently. You have to do these steps three to four times then allow your dog to shake or get up his/her head. Your dog will be safe from various cronie disease like infection if you apply this process at least once a week. I am very sorry because I have forgotten to tell you at the last step what you have to do. You use a clean day cotton ball to wipe it inside the ears and then throw it out. Repeat drops the mixture into the ears and wipes again by dry cotton ball until all the wax comes out. You should apply this process to clean your dog’s ears to save him/her.


The method which I describe above about dog ears clean, you have leant so long. If you do not clean your dog’s ears, he/she will suffer very much. If you use homemade dog ears cleaner mixture, which is natural, your dog will be safe from various disease. On the other hand, it is very effective by which your dog because happy and healthy. It has no side effect. Moreover, you can be safe a lot of dollars which you have to spend as a visit to a vet, pet shop and company made products. If you use homemade products once a week, there is no doubt that you will keep your dog hygienic and healthy. They will not suffer from ears issues. Now I want to share with you to technical which should apply to the dog during clean. Before cleaning you should prepare everything of the process. Your dog does not take to clean his/her ears. So by the affection, you do the process very quickly. That is why you have to prepare the process before to start. I hope so long I have given all of the important information you need about homemade ears drops and its uses. If you follow me, your dog will be safe from various diseases, and also you can save your money too.