Generally, most of the dog owner has seen that their dog licking their wounds. Someone said that dog has antibacterial properties in their saliva. So they are trying to recover their wound by licking. Someone thinks it may be the truth but licking or shewing does not mean that it will cure faster. Since by licking it will stay wet, which is not the state way to recover quickly. So come to take a decision about what you will do when your dog stops licking wound? The dressing is the best way to keep it dry, which is very important as to why the skin will reconstruct naturally, and it is called the natural healing process. At first, you have wondered why your dog has chosen to lick his wounds. There are many facts about why dogs are doing so, which I am going to describe. All the animal of the world wound their body at any causes they will try what they can to relieve themselves from pain. That is why dog licking wound, and from this process, they get comfort. In this case, man and dog are the same manners. When a man hit in his head by the hard surface then and there he starts to rub that place. So your dog also tries to create a comfortable situation by licking his wounds. But you should know licking is not a good activity. So by a strong bandage, you mast prevent licking wound because licking can reopen the wound, which is the main cause of infection. So we should try to protect the dog from licking his wound. The process describes bellow.


Dog stop licking wound, which is not good, for this reason, to protect it, we have to use an Elizabethan collar. Elizabethan collar most of the veterinarians recommended to use it to solve the solution. It will work perfectly that he/she would not reach to lick the wound. Elizabethan collar safe your dog for licking his wounds.


Some dogs cannot tolerate an Elizabethan collar. They show different activity to get it off. That is why you have to find an alternative process like a bottle of bitter yuk which works as an awful. You know that it is a water-based product which is non-sticky but smooth. Moreover, it is more effective, and it will strongly prevent your dog so that he cannot lick or chew his wounds.


Let your dog wear a pair of man’s boxers of a long-sleeved t-shirt such a way so that wound must be covered by the cloth, and your pet cannot reach it. In this case, you have to keep your eyes on the dog so that he/she cannot remove the cloths though she/he will try.


You can solve the problems if you bandage the wound point of your dog. You will need sure that you have tied the bandage firmly but not so tight that will make him uncomfortable. Here you have to sure that the dressing is applied are not any wrinkles or dirt still on the padding or bandage. According to the price, the bandage is more expansive than dressing. The bandage has to change quite of them. On the other hands, dressings cannot use all parts of the body.


Now come to the question of how to get a dog to stop licking wound by anti-lick strips. Anti-lick strips which will work just like ”bitter yuk” and you can purchase it from your vet or pet store. If you want to purchase such strips, you sure to get the ones that have all of the natural ingredients, no chemical. Because chemicals have side effects which are very harmful to your dog. It is very easy to apply, and the dog feels comfortable when you used it. On the other hand, its taste is unpleasant that is why the dog linking wound.


Question rise what for you distract your dog what benefit you will get. Dear followers if you see your dog paws and tongues become very idle then your dog can distract your dog so that your dog get rid of idleness you will distract them in the following way. Give the dog a bowl of food but sanction a short time to finish it. In this way, his/her tongue will be more active, and that is why idleness of the tongue will remove. You put some biscuits in a glass container, to get the biscuits the dog will run around The container and in this way his paws will free from idleness.


You know to get your dog some boots are a very good option by which you can cover a wound located only legs and easy to buy from a pet shop, e-commerce sites, or a vet. It is better to use it with a bandage for added safety. You will take deviation clear whether you will use a dressing or not before buying boots. If you use dressing, you have to buy slightly bigger so that the boots must be fit, and these will stay on without rubbing. But the major challenge in front of you that some dogs would not like boots.


Itch is a very dangerous disease when the dog is attacked by it. There is not any other way on behalf of the poor dog except for licking his wound. In this case, you must consult to the vet and take medicine according to his prescribe and Use the prescribed products. In this way, reduce the itch and try to cure it so that your dog fell betters.


The dog is a very useful, faithful, and beautiful pet which you never find all over the world. He has to face different kinds of problems which he cannot solve herself. So as an owner, you have to help them. Regarding various cornie disease, I have described so long how can you solve it consulting a vet. I have understood that you have learned everything, and you are now able to manage any problem with your dog. At last, I would like to suggest you always seek proper treatment consulting to your vet for your valuable dog.