If you want to have a unique, eye-catching, beautiful fish tank, which decoration is just like your mind and which is not a fake castle, then you have to make it by your own hand. If you have a little bit idea to create something, there is no doubt that you are a perfect man to make it on your own hand. Hear, your first duty to find out materials by which you will make it. Then you have to take test whether the materials or aquarium accessories which you find out to make aquarium are not -toxin for the fishes, or laying any germ in the water and which is suitable for the fishes.

On the other hand, keep in your mind if you try to make decoration with natural things which cannot harm to the fishes it is good for you moreover it will be safe and stay a long time. You can print something on it. The materials will stay a long time, and print cannot flake off while you can take good materials, so you have to choose fast to find out the right materials. If your materials are good or suitable, you better go to the following process. At first, you take a container of warm water and then put your materials into it for a long time and carefully watch any kind of reactions. If any print flacks from it or rusts, then you can understand that some level has been affected.

You must use the print which is specially made these purpose if you do so homemade decorations prevent flaking and that will be very fine. I suggest you before putting materials ornaments into the tank. You should clean it first. Now I should like to describe to you what is the easiest way to decorate your aquarium given bellow.

Holiday decor.

When holidays come, don’t forget your aquarium. DIY  aquarium ornaments to clean. When you get a holiday, you will be busy with your personal work, but don’t forget to clean your fishes tank. Everyone like cleanness your fishes also want it so always take care of your fishes aquarium whether it is clean or not.


Doodles are the easiest way to decorate your aquarium. You will need a permanent marker pen, and you think. Draw whatever you like according to your choice and add to some cartoonish then your aquarium will be a charm to look at, a fisherman on the dock, create some trees and a little house. Show a river and boat on it. You can draw whatever you like.

coffee cup or mugs

With an old coffee cup or cups which you will never use anymore, you can make beautiful ornaments to decorate your aquarium, which will be an eye-catching decoration. You could choose an interesting pattern to match the theme of your fish, which become a unique talking point.

recycle your clay flower pot

If you take a big clay flower pot which is a very nice colour and print and put it in the tank. Then it will be a very beautiful creation. Fishes can find a place of perfect hiding shatter. If you observed that your fishes sometimes stressed you must make a big hole to the clay flower pot so that your fishes can play without stress. But remember do not use sharp edges, narrow drainage hole in the pot. If you do so, your fish will be stuck in it. It is very important to make sure that the pot is clean before to place. Thus you can make a beautiful aquarium.

recycle your old plastic toys

If you put many plastic toys which is very beautiful to look at, you will get a superhero fish tank. Where dinosaurs battle, shoulders fight and spider catch a bird but are careful, do not fill up your aquarium with toys. Remember, fishes of you have to need a place to swim and place to hide.


Alive of fake plants which will be better decoration,  you can understand when I shall describe to you.  You will be a  master to choose your decoration when you follow me. Now you come to the point what I am describing to you. Original natural plant and fake plant which is better between this two. Fake plants can lead your tank with very beautiful colors. It will not be submerged in water; that is why water will remain clean and pure. Fishes will not be affected by the various disease.

For this reason, majority aquariums are used plastic plants because it is lasting a long time. One the other hand, if you think about lasting plastic plants, is better for you than real plants. Plastic plants which is so much beautiful colors that cannot found in the nature. Moreover, it cannot die, and we can maintain it the easy way. it has many other advantages. They do not drop leaves or die themselves. Dead leaves and plants are very harmful, which cause rise nitrogen levels in the tank to spike. If the spike is high enough, it is the vital cause of death the fishes. On the other hand, real plants offer some useful system, whereas it is not possible for fake plants. Real plants which can help to improve the water quality of the tank in the following way. For living purpose, plants always take nitrogen, which is the waste products of the fishes. Real plants take  co2 (carbon dioxide) and give off o2(oxygen) as a waste product, which is essential for fishes breathing.

I have truly described real and fake plants to you. Now you are the man to take final decimation which one you choose.

try using pictures

Pictures are essential to decorate your tank. You should find out a beautiful poster or image to the backside of your tank. These type of background created by you very nice to look at. Here the fishes can swim safely.

porcelain figurines

You can put a porcelain figurine or classic statue in your tank which is rare to find. You can also put figurines statue, which may be a beautiful colour. If you do so, the mood of your tank must be changed. If you go more classic, your aquarium will be unique to look at .

gravel, stones, and sand

 First, you have to make a decision by which you will cover at the bottom of your tank. In this case, you have to consider what type of fishes you want to keep in your aquarium. If you want to keep eel or knife fishes, you need to have a sandy bottom. The eel will spend most of their time on the bottom, but when you want to replace the water, the sand makes you treble. In this case, gravel and stones use are better in your aquarium. It is a popular choice for water tanks. They are very easy to clean and create a natural look. Keep in your mind that you do not use glass pebbles although they look very beautiful when you colour it.

Glass pebbles do not provide good bacteria which need to keep the nitrogen levels in your tank in check. Glass pebbles some time break down and make it sharper edges which is very harmful to the fish. Whereas the gravel is very strong and it does not break. Glass pebble is a pretty but just like a show. But gravel is not harmful throughout the bottom of the tank you can add some colours to look fine. In this way, DIY aquarium ornaments can be made by you.


Cleanness of your aquarium is the most important for everyone. Keep in your mind that how often you should clean it which depend upon some factors. How many fishes are there? How many times you feed them or overfeed them. Do you have real plants that lose leaves? Even you see that your tank has a good water quality yet you should wash gravel and others plastic plants and toy weekly to remove waste products and cleaning all kinds of decorations your aquarium becomes bright, and the tank will be healthier.


Everybody like the aquarium because it is the food of the mind. So try your label best to decorate it which will show unique. You should check everything you have used not go to degrade in the water over time or leak chemicals into the fish tank or harm the fish in any other way. You must clean your tank and ornaments at least once a week and make sure the fishes swimming space. So this is my suggestion diy aquarium ornaments without any help of others which will create what is you want.