Why are my cat’s back legs not working (weak, wobbly, and stiff)?

You must observe one of the common diseases that attacked most of the senior cat’s is reduced mobility and walk wabble. They show the owner by a different sign that his/her hind legs weakness, stiffness, balance problems, and she/he have lost the ability to walk without time. But the cat owner does not know what the cause is, the cat loses balance back leg and back legs not working. There are many causes of the inabilities to work without a limp. Their causes are weakness, stiffness, and balance problems. There causes the cat losing control of back legs, and weakness may occur due to injury, infection, arthritis, organ failure, and such type of other diseases. It would be the best policy if your cat attacked any go-to disease vet because he can find out difference a normal back legs stiffness, which may normally occur by the again process and severe hind legs problems. A cat can able to marks pain, so it is a common thing that the elder and old cat always mark their discomfort until you notice that their back legs are giving way. When you see that your cat facing much trouble even they cannot walk, go out of control that is collapsing. This means a red flag to the owner. We will look at the most common symptoms, but we do not know the critical explanations. So, it is time to take the cat to the vet.

Senior cats and legs troubles

Keep in your mind that young cats and young man have a very little attack by diseases because they have protecting capacity giving by the god. But older cats and older people have lost their protecting capacity by the process of natural, and that is why they attacked more. You know the lack of mobility in order to cat is very common as older people. You observed that an older cat does not feel eager to spend a playful day with his young because their muscles will begin to stiffen and become weaker. Then its body starts to falter, and mobility will be very difficult; that is why the older cat does not feel eager to play with his youth.

Why is my senior cat having legs issues

There are many causes why senior cats are having legs issues. Due to leg issues, the cat losing control of back legs that means cats back legs not working. You have to know why your cat growing stiff is it due to age, a never issue, an organ problem or the diseases cause by a combination of three? When your cat kitten and adult, you have to take routine care, you have to take extra care for your older cat. But you act just opposite due to old you have kept him/her without care your cat cannot enjoy the same quality of life without strong legs. That is why we should take proper care of our cats because we know that cats cannot work without strong legs. However, you need to monitor the most common symptoms so long I have described. Keep in mind if the cat cannot play and even cannot walk for a long time once it will die and give you goodbye.

What are the symptoms of week legs in cats?

Symptoms do not come in a day. These are build up over time, not occur suddenly. It will show you some of these sign while is called symptoms. Symptoms are given bellow

1). Cat is less active 

When your cat seems to less active, they have decreased activity and play fullness; then, you should think something wrong behind. Keep in mind; less activity is a common symptom of leg stiffness, weakness, and also pain. 

2). Defecting in the house

You know that your cat is peeing and pooping hither and thither. It may occur when he/ she is finding it difficult to step into the litter box. This is the most important symptom of weak legs of your cats. On the other hand, due to pain, your cat may decide to avoid its litter box entirely to make his/her life easy this can be caused that your cat is peeing and peeping here and there on the floor, even bed.

3). Difficulty running and jump

For leg issue cat cannot run, just jump and climb. In the case of a person who has legs, problems are the same, just like a cat.

4). Problems sitting down 

When leg stiffness of a cat, then it’s routine act a cat sitting because cats back legs collapse or give way suppose, movement hurt the cat, that is why it like to sit down. Movement on the floor is too hard for them. Their cats who are suffering legs problems display odd positive when standing, which looks very uncomfortable. So you should treat them because the cat is a very useful pet.

5). Sleeping more regularly

You know that the older cat finds it very difficult to stand. They have been sleeping for a long time because they have no ability to move and play. Some cats stand and lie down again, try to stand. However, as the cat suffers, weakness, stiffness, and pain, they cannot walk. So they have no alternative way except for sleeping more regularly.

Drunk walking

An old cat who is no longer able their step a bit of distance, and it is common for a senior cat. If you watch, you can find out that your cat has to face trouble working forwards without weaving. Difficulty rise to gloom its fur, even cleaning its bottom after going to the toilet.

Arthritis and join problems

There are so many problems when your cat comes to the old stage. Question rise when cat loses balance back legs that means cats back legs not working to give the answer to the questions I have to say that arthritis and joint problems play a vital role in this case. Keep in mind that arthritis plays a part in the role that the cat loses balance back legs. You know that arthritis is called a common disease that can cause your cat walking issue. Arthritis leads to pain and stops morality. Keep in mind that arthritis can be caused by injury, infection, and another issue osteoarthritis is the most common disease for the cat. Most of these diseases occur at the joints of the bone. Keep in your mind that by any cause in the joins cartilage and fluid build-up inside the joint, then it is paining, which is called arthritis. You know the result of this process is weight loss. Keep in mind that this is very critical symptoms where your cat is losing weight, whereas increasing its appetite, which is a red flag warning for you. Thirst and urination increasing is another symptom. If the cat has diabetes, then increase urine more, and the body will lose water, and the cat has to face dehydration. In this case, you should monitor your cat properly. Otherwise, it will say goodbye.

Kidney diseases 
What is the cause that cat loses balance back loss

There are many, maybe many causes, and in this field, kidney disease is not of them. In the first stage, your cat will show weakness in hind legs, wobbly, stiffness, and instability, showing different signs. These signs consider caused by poorly functioning or failing kidneys. Keep in mind that the treatment of kidneys depends on the severity of the kidney’s condition. It is ranked on a scale of 1-4. The treatment method goes according to the assigned ranking. You should follow the following process though you want to maintain your cat quality of life for a long time.

1). You will try to decrease the build-up to waste in the bloodstream.

2). Try to halt the increasing system of the disease.

3). Always keep clean cats litter box food plate and the place where the cat lives. Keep in your mind that diarrhea, lack of appetite, frequent urination, depression. Weight loss etc. are the main signs of kidney disease.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes which is called simple to dangerous disease. When you take proper treatment it is a simple disease on the other hand if left it untreated it is a very serious disease can cause to damage your organ such as kidney, liver, lunch, etc. even you cannot walk and stand due never to damage. Diabetes makes cat obesity., old age, physical inactivity, and weakness. When your cat attacked by diabetes, cells cannot properly absorb glucose from the blood, and that is why they cannot receive the energy to do their activity as a while the body takes. In this case, narve going to damage. In this situation, nerve damage leading to the legs and as cause cat losses balance back legs because of cats back legs not working.


Infection is a very serious disease that can cause the legs of your cat weak and useless. There are various types of infections, such as brain, bites, urine, heart, liver, lunch, etc. Keep in your mind the symptoms of weakness and stiffness are only showable when your cat is attacked by infection. So take the cat to the vet in the first stages.

How can you treat feline arthritis?

You know that many prevention and treatment methods can be done at home. When you see it is critical, you take the cat to the vet for proper action. The vet will do the treatment, and you will follow his advice. You know that the arthritis is a combination of different diseases if you want to reduce arthritis you should follow the following

1). Improved diet

Diet plays a vital role in reducing arthritis; you should take care that your older cat is eating the right amount and type of protein, vitamins, and minerals, etc. to assist with weight control and reduce arthritis. Proper diet control your cat’s obesity, which can do wonders for your cat joint pain.

2). Regular exercise

There is no alternative medicine except exercise. So you show it allows your older cat to play and exercises on a soft surface. At this, your cat gets the benefit to their again joints. Always keep in your cat dry and worn. She/he stay in a crucial position. Cold and damp will increase joint pain. This exercise is very necessary for both prevention and treatment for wobbly legs of cats.

3). Supplements and medication

Keep in your mind that if your selection supplements which have glucosamine and chondroitin can manage or can reduce arthritis and stiffness, you know that supplements are a brand that has no-1 vet recommendation as a health supplement brand. You can feed 1-2 cap every day.

4). Massage sore legs

You know that massaging your cat is one kind of exercise by which blood circulation increases and thus improving flexibility. When you will do the massage at home, this can be done according to animal massage therapy. By therapist, at first, knowing the knowledge you can do yourself.

5). Soft and padded bedding

Keep in mind for your senior cat you should arrange a soft bed and soft floor, even a walking place. Your senior feline will feel comfortable instantly if you do it. The last thing you will stay a long time with your loving cat so you should change everything which is hand and make everything soft and at this joint pain will reduce.

Why the cat loses balance back legs that means cat-back legs are not working; we have described it is so long. Now I am clear that you have understood about that. Cat is a very useful animal. It may be attacked by various diseases. We are the owner to solve it. Whether we fail, you will go to the vet to take your cat for proper treatment. If you do not take proper treatment once, he/she will say goodbye. So, at last, it is my request to you give the cat proper food, proper shelter, and proper treatment so that they never say goodbye.